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What is Hologram

Whether  you need to protect, authenticate, validate or keep track of your products. Security hologram stickers are the solution for that. We offer a wide range of  generic  security hologram labels  that are cost efficient  when your  business acquire small quantities of such product.

We offer security hologram seals with serial numbers, bar-code, and just a generic original and valid stickers.

We carry a variety of shapes and sizes that fit your items. All of our stickers come with Void or honeycomb tamper evident .

The hologram is currently the only material that is virtually impossible to falsify. Its originality is proven since it cannot be scanned, photographed or duplicated. In the manufacture of the holographic label no inks or materials of easy acquisition are used, its origin comes from a laser engraved photo, which is unrepeatable, and the polyester where it is engraved cannot be erased or altered in its design; in such a way that used as part of the packaging, helps guarantee its originality.