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Hologram Labels

We Are Manufacturer of Hologram Labels & Stickers which symbolizes the originality of the brand. These labels are designated by making use of premium grade materials and sophisticated printing techniques ensuring appealing appearance and offering complete security to the brand.

The Hologram labels are provided with unique identity eradicating the possibility of duplicity and imitation of the novel brand.

We make these Hologram labels & stickers in customized designs, Shapes (rectangular, circular, oval, square and special shapes), Sizes (varies between 7x7mm and 155x155mm), Colors (Silver, Gold, Copper, Turquoise Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Violet and Transparent) and Patterns as per the requirements of customers.

Hologram Labels are available in 2 forms. Sheet form and Roll form. The hologram labels in roll form are suitably utilized with label applicator. This hologram form can easily be applied automatically or manually.